Stars with Gorgeous Single Eyelids! Catching up with Their Lovely Makeup


[by Lim Miae] Actress Kim Go Eun and Red Velvet’s Seulki have distinct eyes and a deep gaze instead of thick double eyelids. They are much loved because of their oriental and lovely image instead of the western tone.

The common ground of the two stars is the single eyelids. They can represent a vivacious gaze as well as a melancholy one. Kim Go Eun has a variation in eye makeup and keeps transforming in every work. The best attraction of Red Velvet’s Seulki is the single eyelids, too. She overwhelms audience with her unique voice and gaze on the stage from a calm ballad to the specific dance.

Single eyelids have various images to make in accordance with the used eye shadow color and the way of making eye lines. Let’s find a type to suit you after analyzing the makeup style of mainstream stars.

Kim Go Eun, Plain single eyelid makeup

Kim Go Eun showed, with a deep gaze in tvN drama ‘Goblin’, a test taker who is leading a hard life and falls in a shy love. The sorrow and happiness presented in her single eyelids has stayed with many people, so the talk about her and Yoo Kong is repeated now, in a month since the end of ‘Goblin’.

Even though she performed a role of student in tvN’s ‘Cheese in the trap’ too, it is very different from the character of Ji Eun Tak. Hong Seol has a plain makeup and a point of curly hair. She has a thin eye line, curls eyelashes and makes eye bigger using mascara.

Ji Eun Tak showed a more lovely makeup than Hong Seol. The biggest difference between them is a lip color. The scarlet matte wear on her lip amplifies her loveliness. Eyeline is made longer at the outer edge, and a use of a soft-colored eye shadow makes her eyes fluorescent.

Red Velvet’s Seulki, the fatal single eyelid makeup

Red Velvet’s Seulki chose an enchanting and sexy eye makeup.

It uses very ornately eye shadow, the essential item of a single eyelid makeup. First of all, brown color tinged with orange color is applied to the upper part of eyeline, and dark color is applied to the outer edge of eyes to have deep eyes. To fat under eyes, a mix & match of pearly white color and the shadow used is applied.

Eyeline is made longer, and the more abundantly eyelashes is presented the closer to outer edge. Adding color lens to this finishes a fatal makeup. Also, lily-white skin makes color makeup show to advantage.

Single eyelid makeup ITEM! “Plain VS Sexy”

The clearer the skin tone, the more vivid color makeup. So, it is necessary to meticulously manage the skin to prevent skin troubles. Innisfree’s ‘Bizarre Shika balm’ can recover a broken skin elasticity and make the skin texture smooth. At the step before cream, it is recommended to be applied to troubled or stiff-feeling part. It can be used safely to pimpled skin.

For a single eyelid eye makeup, it is important to have an eye rim care, too. A.H.C’s ‘The pure real eye cream for face’ is a hypoallergenic, high-nutrient eye cream containing a natural component of 91% to make a mild and powerful anti-aging.

In order to prevent makeup from spreading, let’s use the item enhancing eye makeup durability such as Benefit’s ‘Stay don’t stray eye primer’. If you apply it on eyelids and under eyes, and wear eye shadow, you can enjoy its excellent color pigmentation and durability.

It is recommendable to use an item for shadow which can be easily applied with smooth cream texture. SHU UEMURA’s ‘Drawing crayon’ has good adherence without flying powder and presents vivid color. It has a free blending and water proof to make makeup durable all day. (photo by bntnews DB, tvN ‘Goblin’, ‘Cheese in the trap’ official website, Innisfree, A.H.C, Benefit, SHU UEMURA)