Song Song couple’s romantic shoelace scene [Descendants of the Sun]


Today, Yoo Sijin and Kang Moyeon finally meet each other in Uruq. She seems to have missedSijin a lot after he left for Korea.

A huge earthquake happens in Uruq and Moyeon rushes over to the place to save more people. Even though she hurts herself while helping the others, she tries to do more than she can. One of her patients gives her his military boots to thank her.

And, for Sijin, he flies over to Uruq as soon as he hears about the earthquake. When he facesMoyeon, he sits on his knees and ties her shoelaces. He says with the pleading eyes, “I have been regretting for what I have done. Please take care.”

Song Song couple is one of the hottest couples today. Who’s ready for ‘Descendants of the Sun’?

[Descendants of the Sun]

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