Song Joongki Was Casted In Battleship Island For A Reason


[photos by Baek Sooyeon] Director Ryu Seung-wan unveiled the reason why he casted Song Joongki.

A press conference for movie Battleship Island was held in CGV Yongsan on July 19 gathering the cast and director. Hwang Jung-min, So Jisub, Song Joongki, Lee Junghyun, Kim Soo-ahn as well as director, Ryu Seung-wan, all faced journalists.
Song Joongki plays a soldier in this movie. One reporter said that it reminded them of drama series Descendants of the Sun, to which director Ryu responded: “We filmed the movie while he was on Descendants of the Sun so we tried to create two distinct characters. I didn’t cast Song Joongki for his pretty face that can brighten up a screen but because he has the ability to channel darkness too. More than an actor, he is a person which has a solid understanding of the world and basic human manners.”
Battleship Island takes place during the Japanese colonial era with Koreans manpower being compulsively drafted by the government. The movie tells their story. It will hit theaters in Korea on July 26.