Song Ji Hyo-Joy-Kim So Hyun, Do You Wish To Possess Pale Skin Like Those Korean-Chinese Stars in ‘We Got Married’ ?


[by Song Eun Ji] MBC ‘We Got Married’ is a popular program that has aired since 2012 and is now in its fourth season in its fourth year.

In addition to the Korean ‘We Got Married’ starring Oh Min Seok with Kang Ye Won, Yook Sung Jae with Joy, and Kwak Si Yang with Kim So Yeon,, the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ is also receiving a lot of spotlight. In the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’, Song Ji Hyo, a Korean actress who has gained stardom thanks to her SBS program ‘Good Sunday-Running Man’, is expected to be paired with actor Chen Bolin during the show.

Along with the romantic acts of the male celebrities that flutter  the hearts of females , the beautiful faces of the female celebrities also receive a lot of attention as well. Pay attention to this article if you wish to possess a skin as pale and smooth as porcelain, just like the female celebrities in ‘We Got Married’.

What can we do, starting from the makeup to the skincare stage, in order to possess a porcelain skin like those of female celebrities?

POINT 1 Focus Your Attention On Whitening Care

Brightening your skin tone with a solid basic skincare is more important than wearing a makeup. Consistently use beauty items that incorporate whitening functions  in order to minimize the dark areas of your skin.

If your skin is sensitive it is good to use products consisting natural ingredients such as rice rather than chemical components. If soaking and grinding rice yourself to create a mask feels like a hassle, use mask packs that are manufactured using rice. A more efficient and convenient skin care routine can be done because of the easy process of simply putting on and taking off the mask pack.

POINT 2  Protect Your Skin From UV Rays

If you wish to possess a pale skin, make sure to protect your skin from UV rays. Before leaving the house, apply a sunscreen all over your face and on the other areas of the body that are exposed to sunlight.

If you wish to have a strong UV ray protection, choose a product with a high SPF/PA. SPF refers to the degree of  UVB protection, 1 SPF is equal to 15 minutes of UV ray protection. On the other hand, PA refers to the degree of  UVA protection. With many + signs, the product will protect you better.

POINT 3 Brighten Your Skin With Makeup

It is not good to apply thick layers of foundation or BB cream products that are too white compared to your skin tone. In order to express a smooth and white skin, being natural is the most important thing.

Choose a makeup item that has one skin tone brighter than your skin and apply it evenly all over your face. In order to create a natural finish, it is important to make sure that no boundary lines are formed around areas such as the chin and forehead.

MUST HAVE ITEMS For Porcelain Skin

01 LAMY Cosmetics REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK The mask pack sheet of this famous item, mainly known as the ‘rice pack’, is a rice paper created with  rice, purified water and salt. With rice as the main ingredient, using a natural rice paperas a mask pack sheet helps your provide the effects of rice such as whitening and complex care.. The essence of the product contains rh-EGF capsulized by lecithin, plant stem cells, Cercis chinensis, and various herbal medicinal components including fermented red ginseng allowing even those with sensitive skin to perform whitening care without worries.

02 LANCOME UV Expert XL-Shield, SPF50/PA+++ This sunscreen product is an item that can not only protect the skin from the harmful environment but can also provide UVA blockage function with its two additional UV ray filters. Its light and moisturizes emulsion-type texture allows the product to seep into the skin without stickiness.

03 ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup This product is a liquid type foundation with an effective coverage. It helps you have a radiant skin throughout the day since it is long-lasting and convenient to use. (photo by: LAMY Cosmetics, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, captured image of MBC ‘We Got Married’, bntnews DB)