Song Ji Hyo – Ha Ji Won – Kim Tae Hee, Tricky Skincare Knowhow For Youthful Look


[by Choi Soo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] It is no exaggeration to say that there is a feast of actresses in their 30s on television screen recently. Among all, Song Ji Hyo, Ha Ji Won and Kim Tae Hee are the representatives who show active participation in variety shows, dramas and movies.

They are actresses who guarantee good ratings and are well-acknowledged by the public through perfectly playing the roles in every work. In particular, they flaunt a perfect appearance that makes one forget about their age.

Ha Ji Won has shown off her tight and wrinkleless skin in every work, evoking envy of many women. On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo, as the only female host in SBS ‘Running Man’, has always carried almost bare makeup on the screen, flaunting a perfect skin that makes one difficult to believe that she is over the age of thirty.

In addition, Kim Tae Hee has gained lots of love with a nickname ‘Beauty Tae’ by presenting a supple white, clear skin in SBS drama ‘Yong-pal’ that recently finished airing. What are the methods to get perfect skin like the three actresses who are the representatives of baby-faced beauty?

First, Song Ji Hyo, the queen of variety show, uses mists and mask packs to supply moisture to get dewy skin. She revealed in a number of interviews through different media that the key of skincare is thorough daily care instead of merely setting a particular time for skin management.

Ha Ji Won unveiled that she has a low sodium diet to manage her body and uses jelly packs after cleansing to care for her skin.

Lastly, ‘Beauty Tae’ Kim Tae Hee said that she emphasizes on cleansing the most. She tries to use water only for cleansing and minimizes friction to the skin.

The key points of skincare methods of Song Ji Hyo, Ha Ji Won and Kim Tae Hee are cleansing and moisture supply. What are the items that effectively provide moisture and cleanse your face?

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(photo by Royal Cosmetic, YSL, SK-II, bntnews DB)