Sleepy Impresses His Wife In We Got Married


[by Ent Team] Sleepy turns into a part-time worker in ‘We Got Married’.

Sleepy’s woking face will be disclosed on February 4 on MBC. According to the staff, Sleepy opened his store to help his wife Lee Kook Joo, working very hard not to let her down. She was all but disappointed.

Sleepy used his height to clean the highest spot of the windows, for exemple. He even showed the cleaning skills that he learned at his old job. To which Lee Kook Joo was impressed by her husband, saying that he has a lot of talents.

But Sleepy was also extremely surprised when he heard that a customer was not only looking for him but also requested a selfie. Lee Kook Joo looked a little jealous while observing the scene, which makes the episode even more interesting.

Meanwhile, ‘We Got Married’ airs every Saturday at 4:55PM on MBC. (photo by MBC)