Skincare During the Changing Season ‘Attention to Keratins’


[by Oh Eun Sun] Changing season is putting people’s skin on red alert. During this period, skin of both men and women become dry and lose their elasticity. Especially if you continue to have unexplained skin troubles, if your usual cosmetic colors suddenly don’t match your skin tone, or if your skin does not absorb the products, suspect your dead skin cell conditions.

The keratin is a structure with flat layers of keratinocytes, which protects skin from moisture and protects the skin from external irritants. For normal skins, it is produced and removed naturally within 28 days. But, if it fails to be removed in time, the skin barrier be weakened and your skin will become rough and lead to troubles. Therefore, special care is required for keratin management.

However, in the case of sensitive skin, using any kind of exfoliating product introduced in the market can cause great irritation to the skin. Therefore, we introduce a low-irritation exfoliation management method using a natural face pack or a natural-derived foam cleanser.

▶ Mildly with natural pack

Brown sugar is known to be effective for keratin removal. It is more effective when mixed with coconut oil which makes skin elastic and moist. Mix the coconut oil and brown sugar in a ratio of 3:2, apply to your skin and rinse after 15 minutes. It is also good to use tomatoes, which are filled with excellent antioxidant properties, mixed with brown sugar for a skin massage.

There is also a way to cover your face with gauze, drenched in milk. Milk is highly effective in moisturizing and exfoliating. You can also mix 5 tablespoons of milk with honey and flour, apply to your face and wash off 15 minutes later. After skin exfoliation, your skin might become sensitive, so moisturizing cream or soothing pack is a must.

If you want skin hydration, make a natural cucumber pack. First, finely grind a cucumber on a grate plate, then mix with flour and honey, and apply it on your skin. If this is burdensome, you can cut it in a circle and put it directly on your skin.

In addition, natural face packs have risk of deterioration, so make them right before you use them. Depending on the individual, even the natural ingredients can make the skin sensitive, so it is necessary to do a sensitivity test on a small area of the skin such as the ears, neck or armpit before use. Also keep in mind to clean your face thoroughly after a pack.

▶ Cleansing and exfoliating management at once

If you feel that it’s cumbersome to spend time in cleansing, let’s break the keratinous skin at the same time as cleansing. Recently, a lot of reasonable beauty items that combine these functions have been released. In addition, the correct usage of cleansing tool allows you to do more effective cleansing.

MAXCLINIC MAX CHANGE OIL FOAM is an oil-form cleanser that cleans make-up with smooth rolling. As you roll the oil on your face, it naturally dissolves dead skin cells. As re-massaging, adding water creates natural bubble foam. It is possible to make perfect one-step cleansing without going through all 3 steps of lip & eye make-up remover, cleansing oil and foam. Moreover, it contains hyaluronic acid oil capsules, and it moistens the skin so that the skin does not pull even after cleansing.

MAXCLINIC CLOUD EMBO MASSAGE BRUSH is an effective tool for more concentrated pore cleansing. Seven kinds of cloud-like embo shaped brushes are used to handle blackheads, dead skins, sebum and uneven skin texture as well as skin wastes because it removes the fine dust and dead skin cells from the pores without irritation. Therefore, when you use both oil foam and soft cloud embo-brush, you can maximize its cleansing power within only one step.

This cloud brush can also be used more hygienically in that it can be stored upright with its standing design. If you massage the chin line with the fitness V-pad on the back of the brush, you will be able to feel the lifting effect as well. (photo by MAXCLINIC, N&B Lab, bntnews DB)