Skin First-Aid at a Vacation Spot, Capture Your Skin’s Golden Time!


[by Oh Eun Sun] Vacation season has come. People are thinking of vacationing domestically or overseas. However, after vacation; long outdoor activities under the hot sunlight, irregular lifestyle patterns etc., can cause your skin to get worse.

Instead of reviving already drooping pores, face line and a somber face, let’s devote ourselves to skin care at our vacation spot. Through a short care, you can maintain perfect skin with no need for ‘after care’.

A mask pack is a necessary item for vacation. This is because it doesn’t weigh much so you can take it anywhere without any burden and it’s easy to use. In addition, according to the included components, the effects are different so you have a wide variety of choices.
Among packs with various effects such as moisturizing, soothing, whitening, etc., there is a mask pack through physical strength that helps skin elasticity and lifting.

MAXCLINIC MIRACLINIC PLASTER CORSET MASK is aesthetically a plaster mask that is in the form of a mask pack.

Plaster packs are effective for skin care but in the plaster form you need to mix it with water so it is hard to do home care with a plaster pack. Miraclinic Plaster Corset Mask remedied this shortcoming as it is made into a mask pack type, through sealing it with plaster effects; the active components can deeply permeate into the skin, and as the plaster hardens, there are lifting effects as it grabs the face line. Like this it surpasses normal mask packs and is receiving attention as a next generation home care item.

The 1st step composes to the 2nd step, and after you put on the 1st step, put on the 2nd step to match your face shape. The 1st step – the ampoule dressing has 18 ampoules, giving an abundant amount of nutrition to the skin. Especially the ceramide components strengthen the walls of damaged skin, making it into moist skin. The 2nd step – contouring objet solution deeply permeates skin with active components of plaster effects, the hardened plaster helps lift the eyes, cheeks and chin like a corset. Also, it can also enjoy the effects of moisturizing, elasticity and skin transparency.

MAXCLINIC’s Miraclinic Plaster Corset Mask has entered the UK representative department store Selfridges as a unique plaster mask pack amongst many mask packs in the K-beauty craze.The buyer from Selfridges Department Store decided to import the Plaster Corset Mask after experiencing it at a Korean MAXCLINIC Spa.

Apart from this, MAXCLINIC also has revolutionary products such as ‘MAXCLINIC Oil Cleanser’that changes oil into foam, thawed meridian stick ‘Cirmage Lifting Stick’, and hyaluronic acid infused roller program ‘Meso Change Program’.
(photo by MAXCLINIC, N&B Lab, bntnews DB)