Silla Cultural Festival

Silla Cultural Festi...


Since 1962, the Silla Cultural Festival has been a representative cultural celebration held in Gyeongju’s Bonghwangdae, Hwangseong Park, and the downtown area. It is a cultural festival that brings out the spirit of the ancient Silla kingdom, which has a remarkable history and culture. It also introduces Gyeongju’s vision of being a hub of culture and tourism that combines the old and the new. The festival allows residents and tourists to unite while building an ambience of positive interaction, as well as spreading an image of Gyeongju as a historical and cultural tourism city that embraces its thousand-year-old heritage.
[October 6 (Tuesday)]
Pungmul Performance Contest
– Location: East lawn of Art Center
– Organization: Gyeongju Culture CenterSilla Art Competition Award Ceremony (Exhibition: October 6-17)
– Location: Art Center (Small Stage)
– Organization: Korea Fine Arts Association (Gyeongju Office)[October 8 (Thursday)]
Sijo (Korean poetry) Recitation Contest
– Location: Seorabeol Culture Art Center
– Organization: Sijo Association (Gyeongju Office)

[October 9 (Friday)]
Silla Buddhism Yeongsan Daeje (ancestral memorial rite)
– Location: Bulguksa Temple
– Organization: Bulguksa Temple

[October 10 (Saturday)]
Student art competition
– Location: Around Gyeongju Royal Tomb of King Naemul
– Organization: Korean Fine Arts Association (Gyeongju Office)

Silla sword competition
– Location: Citizen’s stadium (artificial grass field)
– Organization: Gyeongju-si Kumdo (kendo) Association

National Hangul writing competition
– Location: In front of Mokwol Monument in Hwangseong Park
– Organization: Korean Writers Association (Gyeongju Office)

Opening ceremony of Hwarang Ssireum Competition (October 9-11)
– Location: Ssireum site, Hwangseong Park
– Organization: Gyeongju Ssireum Association

Academic Forum
– Location: Commodore Hotel
– Organization: Silla Culture Social Group (donginhoe)

Wonhyo Art Festival
– Location: Bunhwangsa Temple
– Organization: Institute of Wonhyo Studies

[October 11 (Sunday)]
National writing competition
– Location: Gyeongju Hyanggyo Myeongnyundang
– Organization: Social Education Center of Gyeongju Hyanggyo

Syeobyol Night Feast
– Location: Around Gyeongju Royal Tomb of King Naemul
– Organization: Silla Culture Social Group (donginhoe)

[October 18 (Sunday)]
Goun Calligraphy Handwriting Competition
– Location: Indoor Stadium
– Organization: Gyeongju Calligrapher Association

[November 14 (Saturday)]
National Photo Competition Award Ceremony (Exhibition: November 14-18)
– Location: Seorabeol Culture Hall
– Organization: Photo Artists Society of Korea (Gyeongju Office)

[December 3 (Thursday)]
– Location: Hyundai Hotel
– Organization: Research Institute of Silla Culture

Age Limit
Open to visitors of all ages.
(Korean only)