Showtime Infinite: Sungkyu v Dongwoo boxing challenge


Sungkyu v DongwooSungkyu v Dongwoo

On the January 7th episode of Showtime Infinite on MBC Every1, they wanted to welcome in the new year with a new challenge. When they selected boxing, Sungkyu ripped off his clothes with a level of energy unusual to him and struck a professional boxing pose.

Sungkyu said “I did Judo when I was a child. I like sports, but I never had the opportunity to try out boxing.”

In order to see their basic abilities, they stared off with boxing’s basic warm up exercise, jump rope. Sungkyu was the first to start. For the boxing challenge Dongwoo began skipping rope proficiently in contrast to Sungkyu who couldn’t do it once. Sungkyu got hit by the rope immediately, and had a tough start.

Eventually Sungkyu exhausted all his strength on the warm up exercises dropping to the floor afterwards.

However once they got into the real classes, the situation completely flipped. Sungkyu showed everyone his perfect punching stance, causing the instructor to ask, “where did you learn boxing? You look like a natural.” praising him highly.

The happy Sungkyu, did not even tire while showing off his boxing skills, surprising everyone. Dongwoo showed his iron will in the the warmup exercise jump rope, but used all his strength, later falling behind Sungkyu.

When they began sparring in the ring Sungkyu and Doongwoo had a fiece showdown. You can see the intense match between Dongwoo and Sungkyu today, Thursday January 7th, at 6:00 pm on MBC Every1 in the newest episode of Showtime Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Soo-young

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