SHINHWA’s Kim Dong Wan & Jun Jin’s 20-year friendship trip [Battle Trip]


The upcoming episode of ‘Battle Trip’ features the ‘2018 Newest Edition Jeju’. WJSN‘s Dayoung, who is from Jeju Island, is the special MC. The tour guides are SHINHWA‘s Kim Dong WanJunJin and NU’EST W‘s JR and Baekho.

The upcoming episode of \'Battle Trip\' features the \'2018 Newest Edition Jeju\'.

This week’s episode will show Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin‘s exciting tour centering around the city of Seogwipo.

SHINHWA celebrated their 20th debut anniversary this year. And it is the first time in 20 years for Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin to travel together on their own. They do deserve the title of “original beagle idol” because they can never stay quiet for more than 1 second, and everywhere they go becomes a dance stage, including restaurants and parking lots.

[Battle Trip]

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