SHINee’s Key writes heartfelt letter to late Jonghyun “I’m sorry & I love you.”


On December 21, SHINee‘s Key shared a hand-written letter to Jonghyun on his Instagram.

Below is the full text of Key‘s letter:

To my beloved Jonghyun,

Jonghyun, this is Kibum. I saw you yesterday and sent you away today, but I still can’t believe it.

I’m sorry I came late to see you because of work.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to help you while you were feeling lonely.

You and I are the most stubborn ones in our team, so we always ended up doing whatever we set our minds to do. You did everything you wanted to do and you made the decision to leave first.

It was so hard for me at first, but after spending three days just thinking of you, I think I can now understand how you felt. Don’t you worry that you’ve left before us.

I will take care of your mother and sister like my own family and respect them. I will miss you a lot for a while. I’m so worried because the one that would take my side during meetings is now gone. Towards the end of the meetings it was always you and I chatting… From now, I will get used to my life without you and try to live a better life. When I become old and we meet again, please tell me that I did a good job. The best artist, friend, brother and colleague of my life, Jonghyun, good job. Love you so much!