SHINee’s Key and Minho to enlist in the military early this year



According to a source from SM Entertainment, SHINee’Key has volunteered for the military band. The results will be out on January. If he is accepted, he will enter the military in March. He will be making his big screen debut in two weeks with ‘Hit-and-Run Squad.’

Minho is also preparing to enlist earlier in the year. He has just finished filming the movie ‘Jangsari 9.15′ (literal translation).

A source from the film industry said, “Key and Minho are blue-chip actors who are receiving spotlight in the film industry. As the new idol-turned-actors who will lead the future film industry, they are being offered many major roles, but they have to turn them down due to their military duty.”

Since Onew enlisted in the military in December last year, Taemin will be the only member left. We would have to expect to see SHINee as a group at least 2 years later.

[Image source: SM Entertainment]