Shin Sung Rok, Go Wonhee, Cha Ye Ryun, Kim Mingue confirmed as cast of ‘Perfume’


‘Perfume’ is about a middle-aged housewife who has devoted her life to her family but ends up destroying a family and falls in despair. Through a mysterious perfume, her appearance suddenly changes to a beautiful young woman.

Shin Sung Rok plays fashion designer Seo Ido, who is desperate for attention. He is sensitive, narcissistic and has a keen sense of aesthetics.

Go Wonhee plays Min Yerin/Min Jaehee. She is a rising model with a hot body, but she has a secret. This is actually her “second” life. She used to be a middle-aged married woman, and now she is 20 years younger.

Kim Mingue plays Yun Minseok, who is a world-famous idol star with good looks and a sweet voice.

Cha Ye Ryeon plays Han Jina, who is Seo Ido‘s ex-girlfriend. She used to be a fashion model, and now she is a representative at Seo Ido‘s modeling agency. She is a sharp and professional career woman and a celebrity.

‘Perfume’ will start shooting with the goal of airing in June.