Shin Min Ah – Hwang Jung Eum – Shin Se Kyung, Beauty Knowhow of The Drama Queens


[by Kim Yoon Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Actresses play different characters such as one who has a blushed face and tangled curly hair, one who gains lots of weight suddenly or even one whose face is buried in the dirt having a hard life. However, in the twinkling of an eye, they can change to an incomparable beauty.

If you think about how they become so pretty suddenly, their glistening skin will come up in your mind. In particularly, female leads of the recent popular dramas are rising up as beauty queens. The Know-hows of Shin Min Ah, Hwang Jung Eum and Shin Se Kyung will be introduced.

>> Shin Min Ah’s Baby Skin

Shin Min Ah has showed her lovely charms even after gaining lots of weight in KBS drama ‘Oh My Venus’ recently. Thanks to her baby-like skin, her beauty is not covered by the special makeup.

To have a supple and smooth skin, the most concerned part of the actress is pore care. A dewy skin without large pores is the key to maintaining baby-like skin no matter what age you are.

Shin Min Ah revealed that she uses ice to massage her face in the morning to reduce swelling and cold water for cleansing. She uses a deep cleanser that has rich foam to thoroughly clean her pores and massage her face softly.

>> Hwang Jung Eum’s Mochi Skin

Hwang Jung Eum surprised the audience with her increasing beauty to the extent that people found it difficult to recognize her in the popular drama ‘She Was Beautiful’ that ended not long ago. The actress is well-known for her ‘Mochi skin’.

In an interview, she unveiled that she applies a face mask every day and hence leads to the ‘1 day 1 mask’ trend among women in Korea. As she has dry skin, she does moisturizing mask pack every day to effectively hydrate her skin. Apart from drinking water, she also eats lots of vegetables and fruits frequently to supply moisture to her skin.

>> Shin Se Kyung’s Honey Skin

The glamorous actress Shin Se Kyung plays a charismatic role in ‘Six Flying Dragons’. With thick eyebrows, high-bridged nose and plumped lips, she projects an image of a strong and brave amazon. She possesses a honey skin that still shone when her face was buried in the ashes.

The secret to her honey skin is herb tea. Instead of water, she often drinks herb tea that is good for skin. It doesn’t only help provide moisture but also contains useful ingredients in diverse herbs, and so you can drink different kinds of herb tea according to your skin condition.

Rooibos contains rich antioxidants, lavender is effective in skin regeneration while rose hip contains a high level of vitamin C to relieve skin problems.

>> Editor’s Recommendation

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02. O HUI – Clinic science deep cleansing foam: It is a cleanser that removes excessive sebum and manages your pores with its dual exfoliating function to present smooth and clear skin.

03. SNP Aqua Energy Fermentation Mask: It is a hydrating mask pack that is made with highly concentrated essences that contain cold-fermented ingredients such as blueberries, grapes, tooth seed, green beans and bean extracts to supply moisture and revitalize the skin.

04. épanie – Organic Rooibos: It consists of magnesium and minerals that are good for skin to help with sound sleep. It removes active oxygen that causes skin aging and contains rich antioxidants.

(photo by SNP, L’OCCITANE, O HUI, épanie’s official homepage, bntnews DB)