SEVENTEEN’s Vernon felt hurt because of the way he looks? [Happy Together]


Tonight’s episode of ‘Happy Together’ features Sam Okyere, AbigailHan Hyun Min, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Sazal Mahamud as guests.

The staff reveals childhood photos of Vernon. It’s not an exaggeration that he looks just like Leonardo DiCaprio! About the fact that he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, he says, “I’m glad when people tell me I look like him, but to be honest, it makes me blush.”

But he was also hurt by the fact that he looks different from the rest. He confesses that he had suffered from symptoms that are similar to sociophobia when he was a child, as he felt uncomfortable by the unwanted attention.

He might look like DiCaprio, but his last name is Choi and he was born and raised in Hongdae, Seoul. Whereas his looks suggest that he likes to eat hamburgers and pasta, his favorite dish is radish water kimchi made by his grandmother.

Meanwhile, Vernon candidly talks about his income. He reveals that all of what his agency pays him goes straight to his father, and he uses the royalty fees for his living expenses. When asked if the royalty fees are enough to make a living, he replies, “It’s more than enough to make a living.”

Stay tuned to hear more stories from SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon!

[Happy Together]

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