‘Seven’ Yeok gets injured protecting Chaegyeong! [Queen for Seven Days]


Lee Yeok was injured while he was protecting Chaegyeong.

Yeok had been pretending that he isn’t Prince Jinseong, but his cover was blown. Yeok was accused of stealing royal tribute and was being chased. Chaegyeong was puzzled, but she ran away with Yeok, holding his hand.

Yeok was trying to protect Chaegyeong while running, and he was wounded by an arrow. Fortunately, it wasn’t fatal. The two went inside a cave to hide themselves.

Chaegyeong asked Yeok, “Why did you lie to me? Didn’t you even feel sorry? You were alive all this time…”

Yeok answered coldly, “If I could’ve, I would’ve deceived you all my life. I always get caught in dangerous situations around you.”

He admitted that he is Prince Jinseong and told her how he had been living after he almost died.

[Queen for Seven Days]

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