‘Seven’ Chaegyeong’s father draws a sword at Yeok! [Queen for Seven Days]


Shin Sugeun is the right-hand man of the current king, Yung. As a father, he always feels sorry and worried for his daughter, Chaegyeong.

Previously, Sugeun started investigating the Snail Brides, and he discovered their base. He ran into Yeok in the pawnshop, and he warned Yeok to give up on the rebellion for the safety of his loved ones, and for everyone.

On tonight’s episode, Yeok and his father-in-law Sugeun once again face each other inside the secret room of the pawnshop. Sugeun is not dressed in his usual uniform, and he points a sharp sword at his son-in-law’s neck. Yeok looks at Sugeun with a puzzled look on his face. Tension is rapidly reaching flashpoint.

They are the two men who love Chaegyeong the most in the world. For what reason could Sugeun have drawn his sword at his daughter’s husband?

The upcoming episode will be a turning point for the drama, so stay tuned!


 [Queen for Seven Days]

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