Seungri to voluntarily receive police investigation and drug test


While the scandal surrounding the club ‘Burning Sun’ is growing by day, on February 27, YG Entertainment stated that BIGBANG‘s Seungri will voluntarily appear at the police station to receive investigation.

Below is YG Entertainment’s official statement:

We are informing you of Seungri‘s position, which was delivered to the agency last night.

Seungri apologized once again to everyone for the uncomfortable issues and news that were brought up during the past month, and he informed us that he wants to actively cooperate with the police investigation by voluntarily reporting to the investigative agency, including performing the drug test.

The agency is in agreement with Seungri, and YG’s legal team will contact the regional investigation unit this morning and inform them about Seungri’s opinion.

We hope that the reckless rumors will be thoroughly investigated by the police as soon as possible, and if there is any problem, he will have to face legal punishment.

On the contrary, if the rumors are found to be false, not only we will request official police investigation, but we will prepare to take all possible legal measures.

[Image source: YG Entertainment]