Seolhyun-Lee Boyoung, 2017 F/W Trend Makeup


[by Kim Min Soo] Every fall female stars makeup deepens. Especially this fall with an elegant yet intellectual feeling, colors that even emphasize femininity and lip focal points in makeup are popular among female celebrities.

Especially actress Seolhyeon and Lee Boyoung who hasn’t appeared in a long time that both showed up at the recent VIP premiere of ‘Memoir of a Murderer’ caught attention with the beautiful makeup. Through this, we investigated the 2017 F/W trend makeup.

#Lee Boyoung

The star actress that many females want to be, Lee Bo Young attended and caught attention at the ‘AHC Photo Event’ held on the afternoon of September 5th at Lotte Signiel in Seoul Songpa-gu Jamsil-dong. She boasted of her unchanging beauty and appeared as a goddess, showing off her charming looks.

Especially her color makeup caught attention as a whole as her eye shadow, cheek and lip color were all in a coral color that finished off an elegant and graceful mood. This is often used as a daily makeup and is one of the fall trends.


Let’s examine Lee Boyoung’s eyes. It gives off a coral light and emits a profound mood. If you want to make beautiful eyes like this, how about using 3CE Pot Eye Shadow? Spread out the soft and cushiony texture that creates a thin veil of bright color and clean luster.


Singer and actress Seolhyun that is different starting from her confidence appeared with makeup full of femininity. She showed an alluring charm through her red lip makeup that matched her black dress that slightly showed off her collarbones when she arrived at the VIP Premiere of ‘Memoir of a Murderer’.

When you want to show off red lips that are usually hard to present, it is first important to take care of dead skin of your lips by smoothing out your lips first. Use the round portion of the lip brush and apply from the center of the lips. Afterwards, use the edge and after you cover the boundaries naturally, use a lip brush with two different shapes, this makes it possible to adjust the color of your lips.


3CE Color Lip Balm that completes trendy red lips satisfies both the lip color and lip care in one as it is a lip balm that makes your lips moist and also at the base it gives a clear glow color. At the same time the moisturizing effect is excellent as the glossiness will stay on your lips for a long time, you can coat your lips with it as a daily lip balm without feeling unpleasantness. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE)