Seo Hyun Jin-Jeon Hye Bin, Oh Hae Young Makeup is the Megatrend


[by Oh Ara/ translated by Kim Young Shin] tvN drama ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ is getting massive support from women in their twenties and thirties.

As the drama’s popularity is rising high, so are the heroines’ styles. Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin, the two gorgeous actresses who play the protagonists, both named Oh Hae Young, are under the spotlight for their fashion and beauty.

Seo Hyun Jin’s style is neat, simple and lovely whereas Jeon Hye Bin’s style is feminine and modern. They present themselves in daily makeups that suit their own style which makes the viewers want to copy.

What are the keys to the two Oh Hae Young’s makeup?

>>> Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin is definitely in her prime. She has unequaled presence in the drama. People pay attention to anything she wears and buy it out. Her makeup magnifies her lovely mood.

According to her makeup artist, she use minimum colors for the coverage and a bright-colored blush to serve her role which is a pure and lovely woman.

For clean and clear skin, she pays attention to the skin care and then applies makeup base and foundation. The grease is partially soaked up with powder. She uses basic-colored shadow to slightly deepen her eyes and draw tight lines with eyeliner. Peach-colored blush makes her look like a shy woman who just fell in love. She chooses light color such as peach or berry for her lips.

>>> Jeon Hye Bin

Jeon Hye Bin plays the “pretty” Oh Hae Young in the drama. Because her role shows repulsive personality during the first part of the drama, many viewers express jealousy against her. However, her beauty is indisputable.

According to her makeup artist, her makeup can be characterized as clean, moist and natural. Her look is natural and feminine.

She uses sun cushion and foundation to make her skin clean and dewy. She uses colorful eye shadow. She draws her eye lines with brown-colored eyeshadow instead of eyeliner for a natural look. She colors full lips with a light-textured lipstick and finish her lip makeup with an oil tint.

>>> Editor’s Pick!

The key to the two Oh Hae Young’s makeup is to look natural. They do not go heavy on their coverage while flawlessly covering the blemishes. They use basic-colors such as beige and pink for the eye makeup.

The focal point of Seo Hyun Jin’s lovely makeup is her rosy cheeks. A peach-colored stick blusher can make the natural gradation on the cheeks.

For Jeon Hye Bin’s feminine makeup, light coral colored lips look better than strong colors.

(photo by bntnews DB, ESTEE LAUDER, NARS, BOBBI BROWN, Stylenanda 3CE)