Seize It To Live – Interview with the four handsome high school students


On December 16th in a CGV theatre in Gangnam, Seoul, the movie release launch event for Seize It To Live (directed by Oh In-cheon) was held. Actors Kim Seung-woo, Kim Jung-tae, Han Sang-hyuk(VIXX’s Hyuk), Shin Kang-woo, Kim Min-gyoo, Moon Yong-suk and director Oh In-cheon were all in attendance.

Kim Seung-woo plays a successful CEO named Seungju, and Kim Jung-tae plays an unsuccessful homicide detective similarly name Jung-taek. In the action comedy, four fearless and handsome high school students steal something important.

Actor Shin Kang-woo said “I was nervous, but worked very hard during shooting. I play a very curious high school student.” Kim Min-gyoo said “I play a sharp witted high school student. We worked hard during the shooting.” Moon Yong-suk said about his role in the movie “I play a timid and good for nothing character.”


Seize It To Live – handsome high school students Han Sang-hyuk, Shin Kang-woo, Kim Min-gyoo and Moon Young-suk

This is the first debut for the four handsome high school boys Han Sang-hyuk, Shin Kang-woo, Kim Min-gyoo and Moon Young-suk on the big screen. They played characters that were fighting against their senior fellow actors Kim Jung-tae and Kim Seung-woo, but it wasn’t easy. About this Han Sang-hyuk said “My two senior actors were the perfect people for their roles Honestly many people were worried. But they made everything go smoothly and I could concentrate on my role.”

Shin Kang-woo said “We never directly spoke back. And I found they didn’t get mad.” Kim Min-gyoo said “There was a scene where we talked back and they got mad though. But then we stopped after that.” Moon Yong-suk said “I was told that my character is timid.”

Actor Kim Min-gyoo talks about his impressions for the first time they recording in a karaoke room. He said “It was the first recording and the director order the four of us to speak to each other using informal language. We tried two or three times, but we didn’t know each other, so it was difficult, but eventually we started talking informally. Big brother Kang-woo was the oldest in the group so he started speaking informally first, and then we all got comfortable during shooting. “He said about the cheerful atmosphere on set.

Shin Kang-woo recalled their first meeting “The first time we met was when we began shooting on the playground. There, Mr Kim Jung-tae had a lot of useful advice. He made all the staff and actors laugh, so we couldn’t record.”

Director Oh In-cheon talked about the casting requirements for the four handsome highschool students. He said ” They had to be from a fresh acting background. That was the most important point when casting. They had to feel familiar and also look warm on screen.”

Seize It To Live comes out January 7th.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Eun-hee

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