Sechs Kies To Meet Their Fans


[by Ent Team] Sechs Kies met their fan through the V app.

Sechs Kies came back with ‘THREE WORDS’ before meeting holding ‘Sechs Kies Live News EP.02’ through the Naver V app on October 12 at 11PM KST.

By taking time to sit down and talk through the app, the group was able to say thank you to their dear fans who supported them and showed such a huge interest in ‘THREE WORDS’. Before the show, the group also had announced that they had a big news to share with their fans so the excitement was palpable.

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies came back with ‘THREE WORDS’ last July and showed an almost scary chart-invading power. Their song also ranked high on Chinese sites. (photo by YG Entertainment)