‘School’ Taeun & Daehwi are the prime suspects! Eunho is after them! [School 2017]


Last night’s episode was spectacular! Eunho barely saved herself from expulsion.

Eunho was wrongly accused of burning the class rank charts. She starts to investigate the case to identity the real culprit in order to avoid getting expelled from school. Suji gives a clue by saying that the blood at the scene probably belongs to the culprit. Eunho remembers that X got hurt on his side while he was running away, so she looks at all the students’ sides.

However, she cannot find the culprit. She is forced to fill out the form to drop out of school.

When she thinks everything is over, there comes the twist!

The school principal gives a speech in the auditorium. Then a drone appears all of a sudden flying in! The drone is covered in a black cloth and has letter X written on it. This proves that Eunho is innocent because she is in the auditorium while someone else is manipulating the drone. What a relief! Eunho cries in joy.

Still, Eunho chases after the drone out of curiosity, but she doesn’t find any clues about X. Then she finds a note in her locker that says, “Song Daehwi, Hyeon Taeun weren’t in the auditorium!”

Who could have left this mysterious note at Eunho’s locker? Why would someone do this? Is really either Daehwi or Taeun? We will find out next week!



[School 2017]

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