‘School’ Taeun and Daehwi fight over Eunho! [School 2017]


On tonight’s episode of ‘School 2017,‘ Eunho and Taeun deliver chicken together.

When Eunho sees Taeun getting so much attention from high school girls, she gets jealous!

Taeun says, “Are you being jealous?” He is happy to get Eunho’s attention!

The two are much closer now, and they share their honest thoughts on their “dream.”

Meanwhile, there is a growing tension between Daehwi and Taeun over EunhoDaehwi has realized that Taeun is X and to hide this, he pretends to be X in front of HeechanDaehwi warns Taeun that his activities as could put Eunho in danger. However, Taeun yells, “You’re the one that made her fall in danger!”

Although they lash out against each other with hurtful remarks, in the inside they worry and care for each other dearly. Will they be able to reconcile and go back to their bromance?

[School 2017]

Showtime :Tue-Wed 21:50 | Re-run: Tue-Wed 11:50, Wed-Thurs 04:20, 09:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)