‘School’ Eunho encounters X! Who is Mysterious X? [School 2017]


The first episode of ‘School 2017’ aired last night, and it shed light on Korean high schools of 2017. The students’ ranks are posted on the wall for everybody to see. What a competition! But Eunho lives in a different world. She has no worries, since she has found out about special admission for students talented in drawing webtoons for her dream school.

At Geumdo High School, your academic achievement decides your social class. Even school lunch is served in the order of rank.

Daehwi, who is class rank 1, earns some extra money tutoring his classmate Heechan. On the other hand, Taeun, who is the chief director’s son, is forced to enroll in a cram school by his father. He says, “I don’t have to study hard. My family’s got a lot of money.” Daehwi and Taeun are completely opposite of each other, and they seem to despise each other. What could have happened between them?

During the mock exam, music suddenly blasts out from the speakers and the sprinklers go on, and the whole class goes wild! The students who are tired of taking tests are excited and call the culprit a “hero,” whereas the school principal Yan Dojin g is furious.

Sim Gangmyeong, the home room teacher of class 2-1, rushes through the corridor and runs into Han Suji, the school police officer. It’s their first encounter!

Through the sprinkler incident, Eunho decides to draw about school hero romance in her webtoon. She sketches her webtoon during class, and the teacher snatches her notebook away. To get her notebook back, she sneaks into the classroom at night, and she senses a strange smell. Something’s burning in the trashcan! Surprised, Eunho looks around the classroom and sees X who is tearing up the class rank chart into scraps! Uh-oh, Eunho has already discovered the suspect! What’s going to happen to her?


[School 2017]

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