IZ*ONE Had a Mind-blowing Night / “OTR” Warns Stalkers


Every night IZ*ONE greets its fans during its concert, they do “V Live” streaming to thank the fans who came to see their stage and the fans who can’t come but support their K-pop girl group.

They did it again on Sunday night, June 16, from Thailand. It lasted for four minutes.

But unlike the other nights, they did live streaming again when it passed midnight in Korea.

And it lasted almost an hour.

The stars sang, yell, scream, making fun of each other and danced.

They did everything they could to amuse their fans.

And it got deleted.

Many fans think it’s because Wonyoung appeared on a screen late night.

There is a law in Korea, prohibiting kids from participating a live streaming if it’s too late.

Wonyoung was born in August, 2004. She is still 14.

Meanwhile, the group’s agency in Seoul, OFF THE RECORD Entertainment, released a statement in Monday afternoon, June 17 (KST), warning “some fans who stalk their stars” to follow the rules.

The statement says, the stars are suffering from some fans attempting to physically touch them, following them into their hotel, taking pictures of them, asking around which hotel the stars are staying and waiting outside their hotel until they see their stars.

I thinks stalkers are not fans. I think stalkers are just stalkers.

If we love our stars, we should protect them, don’t we?