What’s the use of watching this It’s Brand New anyway
What’s the use of all the rapping It’s Brand New anyway
Blah, blah, blah It’s Brand New anyway
Your tacky old jokes, we don’t give
Because we’re Brand New
Yeah still going
Friday 11PM, but I’m not leaving the studio
EP 14216 complete I didn’t mean to
But I massacred the amateur rappers
They’ll have to fight in their own league now
Yeah we still going
Managers can’t stop driving
They’ve got to rake in the money
It’s got nothing to do with me I’ve been on break for two years
That’s more than enough time
For everyone to forget about me
But yeah, I’m still going
Good time with my friends
Let the chickens do the substituting
From August, it’s my business
The same old MCs, I’ll be raiding RIP
So back off before I make ya Again, rest in peace
Double E I’m fire Gimpo get higher
The neighborhood where we live
My crew and our footsteps changing like a lie
Unbelievable speed Rappers my age be losing their hair
For me, it’s Primeboi
Quiamo Minos and Rhymer
I’m virus and paladog Too fast to be true
In two years, I’ll have my dad call me a diamond
A trust in myself The hate from the haters
If I gave them anything, it’s dizziness
From all that flow, wo
My brain’s going to prove it to you, bro
Sometimes my friends ask me how I feel
About getting so much shit for not starting from underground
Alright bro, let me tell you how I feel
Mojito or Moldives Doesn’t matter what came first and last
Get it? I indulge while I enjoy
More serious than kids my age I’ve got a lot to think about
But it’s nothing like TV apperances I’ve got it under control, oh shit
I’m so fucked up right now I’ve been writing all night
The nightmares leading me to the cliff I recall all the faces so clearly
It’s about time to stop But I still don’t understand
How these things manage to keep stabbing me in the back
Fuck all the bitches who bitch about me being a girl
You get your flow from your sack Well then, you better watch it, I’ve got two
Don’t get it? Stop wasting your life on a keyboard
Look at yourself and worry about your own future
I’ve been smiling and sucking it up
Mingling with people I don’t want to be with
While the lightweights got picked out like the lottery
I had to work, the chaos killing off all my inspirations
When the backstabbers raked in fame flashing their faces on TV
I had to shut my mouth as if I’ve become a rape victim
I didn’t do anything wrong
But they heard all kinds of rumors about me
I didn’t do anything wrong
But they heard all kinds of rumors about me
So where are the haters that picked on me when I was down?
I’ve been rotting for a while But don’t worry, I survive
Eat or get eaten It’s a jungle dominated by hyenas
You can rip me But I’ll pour alcohol over it and smile
From 150916, I’ve been riding clouds
I think I’ve heard my fate call
Who dares to say my life a failure?
I don’t panic, I just bust out Part 2 like Onesun
Look at me here
Look how different I am
All you amateur rappers, please
Rhyme where it rhymes You hate criticism, don’t you?
Everything I imagine comes true these days
Next month, I’ll be pitching for Team Lotte
Next month, I’ll be moving to a place with two more rooms
I’ll be doubling the money I wire to my mom’s account
This isn’t about money It’s about my happiness
It’s nothing compared to how many cars Dok2 has, you say
But let me tell you again You and I can never
Never, ever be involved again So please keep going your way
I don’t bet my life on petty things
But sometimes I do, for fun
I wipe out the verses that sound like failure
I sand them away like a master
I’m already sitting way above your shoulders
You’re caught off guard
From a history scholar to a prophet
Here comes the future sound I’ll treat you at a membership rate
From 82 to 182, I can cover all
All kinds of speeds flowing in my head The letters, sounds, and colors
They’re all mixed up No need to smoke, I’m relaxed already
Only possible since I’ve never been conquered
So come try to make me take a bite
So full of fans’ love
Don’t be picky, digging all kinds of hiphop
Get ready for a party, a cake in a box
Always stuck with me
My hiphop spot, my place in Sinsa
The studio in Bangbae and the Brand New office
A spacious workplace that makes no money, like you
It’s like Africa for me, yeah
Out of breath, a shame to your name
Out of breath, a shame to your name
Stop all the crappy cancer-causing verses
Let my shit be the cure, oh shit
I cook you up By the time I’m serving
Come taste and have fun A moment of truth
I don’t give about what you like or not
So fucking covered in rhymes
But there’s no rhyme for fuck’s sake
Jacking off to your own shit La-di-da-di
I’ll come hit you in your sleep
I’ll blast my rap all over you
Your room, your bed, your hiphop world
If you won’t dig a fat, bearded man
Then be ready to get down on the ground
You can’t fix attitude with rap
You fix it with a good beating
But I won’t beat you, I’ll be nice
But when I get the chance
I’m going to teach you a lesson
I’ll give you all kinds of hell
You’ll have a great time dealing with me
Even my best friends tell me to fuck off
Youth, my ass I want you to feel pain, ya ya
I’m no tyranny, I’m noble So show me some manners
Looking for rhyme? So why do you think so much?
I understand it’s not easy
That’s because you’re stupid, hey hey
Why would you compare yourself to me?
You and I aren’t on the same level, young’un
Have you even heard of that before?
Do I sound like an asshole yet?
What does the P stand for, everyone asks
It’s the P from Psycho
I did what I had to do Lit up this cypher and smile
Warning ? can cause all kinds of sicknesses
I disease your family, your neighbors
The logic is the same It’s a battlefield for artists
The smoke hurts my eyes War is over, forget it
Fuck no, I light up a cig My lips sore even more
Pen marks, the stump is Premo Scars like rickets
Symptoms worsen, but my Bluetooth reacts
Cig costs going up Et tu Brute?
Hahahahaha heating up my thoughts
Shitting out grey smoke of my imagination, toilet
Grilling like chicken, the words that will lead my way
So they become poems, the ashes on the other end of the spark become light
Smoke that cigar cigar Holding up my dream
A cactus with golden lining I don’t care about whitening
My lungs, my notebook, a new rap that unfolds
Turn it black like a mocha
I can’t turn this off though, chain smoker
San E the uneducated, the one who’ll wake the sleeping money
The one who sings pop style rap then out of the blue pops a strong one
But that one will fuck you up
Makes the haters chase after him
You know what’s funny You fall for it, pop Dom Perignon
I’m just kidding, I want to get to know you
Hiphop rookies, I enjoy listening to your stuff
Show Me 5, I love that show Superbee, myunDo, BewhY
C Jamm my man, but sorry I don’t call bros at night
BRANDNEW starting up the hustle cuz It’s time to change
We’ve been busy with our own battles but here’s the big picture
We about to paint, I don’t like him much but he’s right
Introducing my team, you know you can’t fuck with my team
Real hiphop, don’t even mention it I won’t mind being a pop rapper
But with that biggie shirt, talking shit on Black Nut Who the fuck are you
Kiddos thinking HIPHOPLE MV captions as the best of American rap
Acting tough, talking shit but when the tide turns You know what to say, hiphop is love
Whoa calm down calm down
No I can’t calm down
I’m not done
It’s like a crime scene Back off behind the yellow tapes
I told you in three years, you’ll all die out You have two years left
But I was wrong, made a mistake I’m sorry, let me change my words on you again
Now that I think about it, you don’t even get two years Next year you’ll be dinosaurs
Whoa uh uh I still got more things to say
More beef to give
Vasco said I don’t need to care Yeah I got it bro, let’s rock this bitch
Can’t let my hype die So I hold on to my balls
I be rapping and rapping and rapping and rapping and making that paper then maybe I’ll make it rain
Wake up umbrella man before I take ya fans Grab a pen rappers that’s my best recommend
i-reon-geo bwa-seo mwo-hae eo-cha-pi beu-raen-nyu
jal-ha-myeon mwo-hae gyeol-guk ga-yo-raep geu-rae beu-raen-nyu
Blah blah blah eo-cha-pi beu-raen-nyu
neo-ne a-jae-gae-geu ga-teun mal lo-gwan-sim
u-rin gye-sok BRANDNEW
Yeah still yeo-jeon-ha-ji
geu-myo-il bam 11si nan nan na-wa I’m in ja-geop-sil
wan-seong-doen EP ‘14216’
ui-do-chi an-ke gi-jun mi-dal lae-peo-deul
ssa-geu-ri ju-gyeo-nwat-ji chi-yeol-hae-ji-gen-ne no-suk ja-ri
Yeah we still yeo-jeon-ha-ji
mae-ni-jeo hyeong-deu-reun nun-jeon-dae-reul lo-chi mo-tae
do-neul beol-ji
sa-sil ji-geum na-rang gwan-gye-eom-neun nyae-gi
i-nyeo-nui gong-bae-geun
haeng-sa eop-che-e-seo nal rit-gi-e
chung-bun-han si-ga-ni-eo-sseu-ni
But, yeah I’m still yeo-jeon-ha-ji
Good time, with my
chin-gu-deul dak-deu-ra ttaem-ppang yeol-sim-hi ha-gil
pal-wol-bu-teon nae Business bi-seut-bi-seut MCs
gi-seup pi-seup rest in peace
a-ra-seo jja-jyeo han-beon deo rest in peace
Double E I’m fire gimpo get higher
u-ri-ga sa-neun dong-ne-wa byeon-hae-ga-neun
nae keu-ru bal-ja-chwin Liar
geo-jin-mal ga-teun sok-do nae tto-rae rae-peo-deu-reun
da-nyeo ha-i-mo
nae-gen Primeboi Quiamo
geu-ri-go Minos AND Rhymer
I’m virus and paladog
ppal-la-do neo-mu ppal-la
i-nyeon na-ne a-ppa-do
i-je nal bu-reul ttaen da-i-a-mon-deu
ja-si-ne dae-han mi-deum nae haterdeu-rui mi-um
nom-deu-re-ge byeong-eul gi-jeung-haet-da-myeo-neun na-ma hyeon-gi-jeung
i-reon bi-yu wo
nae du-noe-neun nyeo-gi-seo jeung-myeong-eul hal-kkeo-yeo bro
nae chin-gu-neun ga-kkeum nae-ge nae gi-bu-neul mu-reo
eon-deo-bu-teo si-jak gan han-geol ryok meo-geun-geo
geu-rae in-ma nae gi-bu-neul mal-hae-jul-ge
ap-dwi an ma-ja-do mo-hi-tto-e-seo mol-di-beu
i-hae-doe-nya nu-ri-myeon-seo yeo-gi-e mo-rip
saeng-ga-gi ma-na tto-rae-deul-gwan da-reun go-min
geun-de bang-song-gwan dal-la-seo yeong-ni-ha-ge hae-gyeol
oh shit
nan ji-geum mwan-jeon byeong-sin sang-tae-go
bam-sae ga-sa-reul jeo-geo
nal jeol-byeok kkeu-teu-ro mo-neun nang-mong sok
geu eol-gul-deu-ri seon-myeong-hae-ji-ne jeom-jeom
meom-chul ttae-do dwaen-neun-de yeo-jeon-hi
i-hae-bul-ga-han geot-deu-ri
ga-kkeum dwi-tong-su-reul hu-ryeo-chi-ne cheol-peok
yeo-ja-ra-go je-kki-neun sae-kki-deul
da yeot kka-ra-go
ni-deul mi-chi raep-ju-meo-ni-myeon
nan nyeo-gi du-gae-ran geol ra-ra-dwo
mwon so-ri-nya-go mu-reu-myeon
ki-bo-deu-reul du-deu-ril si-ga-ne
ni eol-gu-reul bo-go am-na-ri-na geok-jeong-hae
ni ko-ga seok-ja-ra-go
neul ru-seum ji-myeo cha-ma-wan-ne
jot-ga-teun tong-a-ne
yeo-kki-go sip-ji a-neun geot-deul-gwa
dwing-gu-neun gong-ga-ne
ga-byeo-un nom-bu-teo ro-tto-cheo-reom
ppo-pyeo-na-ga-neun dong-a-ne
al-ba ttwi-myeo nae yeong-gam-deu-reun
ju-geo-na-gat-ji hol-la-ne
nal deung-jin sae-kki-deul
ti-bi-e nat-jjak mil-myeo yu-myeong-se tal ttae
nan seong-po-kaeng pi-hae-ja-ra-do doen deut
i-beul da-mul-go ma-ne
joe-jin geo eom-neun-de
on-gat so-mu-ni do-ra-da-nyeot-da ha-de?
joe-jin geo eom-neun-de
on-gat so-mu-ni do-ra-da-nyeot-da ha-de?
geu heu-reu-meul ta
mu-gi-ryeo-kan nal kka-dae-deon geot-deul da eo-di gan-na
geu-reo-ke han-dong-an nal sseo-kyeo-do
beo-tyeo-nae ji-geum-kkeot sa-ra-na-ma
tteut-go tteut-gi-neun jeong-geul sok ka-i-e-na-deu-rui jeo-myu
tteut-gyeo-do so-dong-nyak jjwak but-go
sseu-rin mi-so-ro na-seol ppun
150916bu-teo na-neun geun-du-un
jin-jja-ro ba-deun-geo ga-ta-yo sal-mui bu-reu-meul
nu-ga gam-hi nae in-saeng-e fail beo-teu-neul lu-reun-deul
na dang-hwang-ha-ji an-ko won-sseon-cheo-reom
Part 2reul jun-bi-hae-sseu-ni
yeo-gi na-reul bwa
nam-deul-gwa eol-ma-na da-reun-ga
su-jun mi-dal lae-peo-deu-ra je-bal
rhymeeul ba-geul ttae-da ba-ga-jwo-ra
neo-nen sil-chi ba-reun-mal
yo-sae sang-sang so-ge il-deu-ri mak kyeon-si-ri dwae
da-eum da-re-neun lot-de si-gu-reul rap-du-go in-ne
da-eum da-re-neun bang-i 2gae-na neu-reo-nal-geo-go i-je
2bae-na neu-reo-nan nu-ri eom-ma-ui gye-jwa-ro-ui i-che
i-geon don nyae-gi-ga a-nin nae haeng-bo-ge gwan-han nyae-gi
do-kki-neun cha-ga myeot daen-de
i-reon-geol ja-rang-i-ra baen-ni-ra-go
mal-han-da-myeon da-si mal-hae-jul-ge neo-neun na-rang jeol-dae-ro
deo-neun seo-kkil su-ga eop-seo je-bal ga-jwo ga-deon dae-ro
sa-so-han ni-re mok-su-meun nan geo-reo
geu-rae-do jae-mi-ro ha-ru-jjeu-meun geo-reo
mang-ppi-rui beol-seu-reul da sseu-reo-beo-ryeo
jang-i-nui som-ssi-ro ssak mi-reo sa-po-ro
i ja-sik-deul ri-mi ni eo-kkae wi-e an-ja-i-sseo
ni-ne da eo-i-eop-ge
yeok-sa-hak-ja-e-seo ye-eon-ga-ro
future sound mo-sil-ge hoe-won-ga-ro
82bu-teo 182 jeon-bu
keo-beo-ga doe-neun-gun hwak-sil-hi
mo-deun sok-do-ga meo-rit-so-ge-seo heul-leo-ga
geul-ja-wa so-ri saek-kkal-deu-ri
dwi-seo-kkyeo-i-sseo gap-ja-gi dam-bae-reul ran pyeo-do
a-mu gin-jang-gam meop-ji
i-ge da wol-lae ji-bae-dang-han jeok geop-seu-ni
ga-neung ham mul-lyeo-bwa nae i-be-da
paen-si-mi yeo-jeon-hi ga-deu-ka-ne
ga-ri-ji an-ko di-ging-hae oe-hip
pa-ti-reul jun-bi-hae bak-seu-ui cake
hang-sang deul-leo-bu-teo it-ja-na
nae hi-pap-dong-e u-ri jip sin-sa-e ja-geop-sil
bang-bae-dong beu-raen-nyu sa-mu-sil-kka-ji
neo-cheo-reom byeol-lo don nan beo-neun gwang-hwal-han ja-geop-sil
na-ma-nui a-peu-ri-ka-ji yeah
ho-heu-bi ttal-li-myeon pye-ga mang-sin
ho-heu-bi ttal-li-myeon pye-ga mang-sin
am myu-bal-ha-neun ssi-kki-deu-rui beol-seu jom ttae-ryeo-chyeo
I’m am mye-bang-ham shit
neol beong-jji-ge kkeu-ryeo jun-bi-han bap-sang-eul
ol-lyeo-no-eul jjeum
mat-bo-go jeul-gyeo-ra moment of truth
sin-gyeong an sseo ni ho-bul-ho jjeum
deok-ji-deok-ji ra-im tteok-chil
neo-neun tteok-chil la-im-do eop-ji
mwo gi-kkeot chil geon ttal-tta-ri
la-di-da-di neo jal ttae deop-chil geo-ya
tteok-chil-hae-jul-ge rae-beu-ro
ni bang, ni chim-dae, ni hip-deok-jil
su-yeom ttung-bo a-jeo-ssi-e kko-chil saeng-gak geop-seum
eop-deu-ryeo-ppeot-chil jun-bi-hae
sa-chun-gi-en laep bo-da mae-ga ya-gi-ji-man
neol pae-jin na-neul-geo-ya chin-han cheo-kae jun dwi-en
dae-chung gi-hoe bwa-seo
jon-na kkon-dae-jil hal-geo-ya
ji-ral ji-ral gae-ji-ral tteol-ji
nal dae-ha-ryeo-myeon dae-ga-ri-e jwi-nal-geo-ya
chin-han nom-do kkeo-ji-ra hal-geo-ya
eo-tteon cheong-chun ssi-ba-ra,
neon je-bal ra-pa-ra yayay
mang-na-nin na-nin-de seon-bi-ra-ni
ma-rin-de gat-chwo-ra ye-ui ye-ui
rhyme chan-neun-de ssi-beol do-dae-che go-mi-neun nwae hae?
him-deun geon ni-hae-hae meong-cheong-hae-seo geu-rae hey hey
wae geu-geol la-han-te dae-i-pae?
neo-rang na-rang gan-nya, kkam-nyang?
“kkam-nyang” i-reon da-neo-neun bwan-nya?
jon-na kkon-dae gan-nya?
Pga mwo-ya da-deul mut-ji
PSYCHOe sum-gyeo-no-eun P
hal ril-haet-go i-jen nut-ji
i CYPHERe bul pi-wo-no-ki
wol-li-neun ga-ta ja-ching artists ssa-um-teo
teo-ji-neun nyeon-gi-neun nu-ni mae-wo
War is Over, gwan-dwo
Fuck No!
dam-baet-bu-reul kyeo bu-reu-teot-ji ip-su-reun deo
bol-pen ja-uk geu-ru-teo-gin Premo
um-puk pae-in gu-ru-byeong
jeung-se-ga sim-hae-ji-deo-ra-do
jeuk-gak ba-neung-ha-neun beul-lu-tu-seu
jeo-nu-yeo o-reun dam-baet-gap ? neo-ma-jeo, bu-reu-teo-seu
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha saeng-ga-gui bo-il-leo
sang-sang-ui hoe-saek gyeon-gi-reul tto bae-seol-haet-ji, Toilet
bal-geo-reu-mi doel hwal-ja-deu-reul chi-kin-cheo-reom gum-ne
So neo si dwae.
kkeo-jin bul-kkot ban-dae-ro tteon jae-neun bi-chi dwae
Smoke that cigar cigar
kku-mui ji-ji-dae
geum-te-reul du-reun seo-nin-jang sin-gyeong an sseo nan mi-baek
nae pye nae gong-chaek nae-dong-daeng-i-chyeo-jin sae-ro-un Rap
deo geom-ge man-deu-reo like a Mocha bu-reun mot kkeo
Chain Smoker
sa-ni mot bae-un nom jam-ja-neun don kkae-ul lom
gye-sok bal-la-deu-rae-pa-da sen geo han-beon kkok nae-neun nom
geun-de geu han-beon jot doe-neun nom
haterdeu-re jjot-gi-neun mom
geun-de geu-geo a-reo deo ut-gi-neun geon tto na-kki-neun neo
pop Dom Perignon
nong-da-mi-ya sa-sil leo-rang chin-ha-ge ji-nae-go si-peo
hi-pap pa-neun hu-bae-deu-ra ni-ne-kkeo jal deut-go i-sseo
syo-mi-5 jal bo-go it-ji syu-peo-bi myeon-do bi-wa-i
ssi-jaem ma-kkin-da
geun-de hyeong-eun ba-me nam-ja-han-te jeon-hwa-neun nan hae
BRANDNEW starting up
the hustle cuz It’s time to change
geu-dong-an gae-gae-i-nui jeon-tu-e jip-jung-ha-neu-ra
sin-gyeong mot sseot-ji-man big picture
we about to paint byeol-lo jo-a-neun nan hae-do
geu chin-gu ma-ri mat-jyo
introducing my team, u know u can’t fuck with my team
real hiphop an chyeo-do dwae
nan geu-nyang naep jal-ha-neun dae-jung ga-su
geun-de biggie syeo-cheu ip-go
beul-laeng-neot ga-sa jeo-ji-ri-ra-neun neon
who the fuck are u
jo-mu-rae-gi-deul leu-kkin choe-go mi-guk gam-seong-eun
hi-pa-be-ri myu-bi ja-mak
sen-cheo-ka-go sil-keot kka-dae-da-ga
bul-li-ham da-deul ral-jyo hi-pa-beun sa-rang
calm down calm down
no I can’t calm down)
a-jik gan kkeun-nat-ji i-geon mwo geo-ui beom-joe-hyeon-jang
dul-leo-jin no-rang te-ip dwi-ro back off
ye-eon-haet-ji sam-nyeon hu
neo-nen da myeol-jong na-meun-geon i-nyeon jeong-do
but I was wrong, made a mistake
mi-an-hae han-beon deo hal-ge beon-bok
ji-geum mwa-bo-ni
i-nyeo-neun mu-seun nae-nyeon neo-nen gong-nyong hwak-jeong
uh uh I still got more things to say
a-jik deo jul-ge it-ji)
Vasco said sa-na nun-chi bo-ji-ma
yeah I got it hyeong let’s ROCK this bitch
nae hype juk-ge nae-beo-ryeo dul su eop-seo
yeol-gi-e deo cheo-jin nal-jap-go
I be rapping and rapping and rapping
and rapping and making that paper
then maybe I’ll make it rain
wake up umbrella man before
I take ya fans grab a pen rappers
that’s my best recommend