‘Radio Star’ Kang Haneul, Impulse First Kiss?…”I apologize to the receiver of my first kiss”


[by Ent Team] Kang Haneul vividly remembers his first kiss.

The 2nd’s upcoming broadcast of the high-quality talk show MBC ‘Radio Star’ is the special episode ‘Hot Brothers! Please, Radio Star!’ with actors Kang Haneul and Dongha, Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon, and CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa as guests, and singer Solbi as the 9th special MC.

Kang Haneul who appeared on ‘Radio Star’ last year gained the nickname of ‘moving story machine’ through his endless moving stories and received explosive love. To this, there is amplified curiosity to what new moving stories he will tell, and as Kang Haneul appears on ‘Radio Star’ for his last talk show before entering the army, anticipation is rising.

Meanwhile, as it became known that Kang Haneul’s first kiss behind story would be revealed for the first time, it is the center of attention.

Kang Haneul explained the atmosphere of that time, “I never talked about this before but I remember it vividly”, he surprised everyone by revealing his special(?) own reason that he had no choice but to kiss.  To this he even apologized “I apologize to the receiver of my first kiss”, he felt terrible as he had a regrettable heart.

In addition, during the recording he even had a surprise call with Park Seojoon who he worked with in the movie ‘Midnight Runners’. Park Seo Joon made the atmosphere warm with his bragging of their unique relationship such as Kang Haneul’s exposure(?).

Apart from this, Kang Haneul showed off that he was big fan of Buzz in front of band Buzz’s leader Min Kyung Hoon who was also a guest, through his moving selection of songs, etc., exuding various charms, amplifying curiosity.

Meanwhile, you can check out Kang Haneul’s first kiss confession today (2nd) at 11:10 pm on MBC ‘Radio Star-Hot Brothers! Please, Radio Star!’ special episode. (photo by MBC ‘Radio Star’)

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