‘Radio Star’ Choi Min Soo, Real Disclosure on Wife June Kang…Obstacle to Acting Lifestyle?


[by Ent Team] Choi Min Soo’s disclosure on his wife June Kang is gaining attention.

On the upcoming broadcoast of the high-quality talk show MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ on the 12th, through the special episode ‘Radio Star, are you Shaking?’, actors Choi Min Soo, Cho Tae Kwan, Lee So Yeon, and Hwang Seung Un appear as guests while band FT Island’s Lee Hongki appeared as the 6th special MC.

Choi Minsoo revealed on the recent recording that ‘madam’ June Kang lives with him like he’s a bulter. The conflicting 180 degree different charm he shows from when he was on a variety program with his wife that was of dignity and charismatic is becoming a topic of discussion.

After Choi Minsoo revealed the butler life, there was a complete reversal in the atmosphere. Everyone was completely shocked at the confession of the real disclosure(?) of his wife and the MCs responded, “It’s actually like that in the beginning.”

Also, Choi Minsoo wanted to experience living as a homeless person hands-on for the purpose of method acting but he couldn’t because of his wife’s opposition. He confessed, “She’s just becoming an obstacle in my acting lifestyle,” conveying his revolt against his wife and raising curiosities in the midst.

In addition, Lee Hongki who appears as the 6th special episode’s MC was filled with confidence as he matched the other MCs, releasing his extraordinary skill at talking. expressed his determined resolution, conveying that he matched with the MCs, and raising curiosities.

Meanwhile, Choi Min Soo’s real disclosure on his wife June Kang can be checked out through MBC’s broadcast of ‘Radio Star’ on the 12th at 11:10 pm. (photo by MBC ‘Radio Star’)

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