Psy’s Comeback Grasps the World’s Attention!


[by Yoonjung Yi] Global sensation PSY is proving his worldwide popularity once again through his seventh official album that was released on December 1 0am KST.

Immediately after its release, seventh album title tracks ‘Napal Baji’ hit more than 14 million views on YouTube, and ‘Daddy’ was listed up as ‘Trending 140 Chart’ on Billboard.

Moreover, CNN, abc, Good Morning America, Reuters, AP and other major international media sent heated positive response to the news of PSY’s comeback.

Meanwhile, PSY will be attending ‘2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)’ in Hong Kong on December 2, and hold ‘All-night Stand 2015’ concert from December 24 to 26 at Olympic Park in Seoul. (photo by YG Entertainment)