Proper Cleansing Way for Babyish Skin


[By Jeong Ahyoung] There is one compliment that makes you feel happier than hearing that you are good-looking or pretty.

It is ‘You have a very nice skin.’ When you hear this, you are proud of yourself and look at the mirror again. You should definitely keep taking care of your skin as it plays a critical role in determining a person’s impression and image.

The most basic care you can do to have a smooth and fluffy skin like a baby is cleansing. How can improve our way of cleansing?


There is one thing that people often ignore before cleansing: keeping their hands clean that are the cleansing tools. As there are many more germs than we think on our hands, clearly wash your hands with soap before cleansing.

It is also necessary to have an eye makeup remover and cotton pad to remove your eye and lip makeup. As for your cotton pad, compressed embossing cotton that has less fluff is recommended since it reduces the friction on eyes, helping you do a s non-irritating cleansing.

01 Make Up For Ever SEN’S EYES Waterproof Cleanser It’s a gel-type cleanser that softly removes eye and lip makeup. 02 LANEIGE LIP & EYE REMOVER A mild remover without irritation.

1st Cleansing Step

It is very important to choose your first cleanser depending on your skin type for a proper cleansing. There are various types and forms of cleansing products such as oil-type, gel-type, foam-type, and water-type.

You should choose an appropriate product to cleanse your face properly, instead of blindly using an expensive and famous brand product.

For dry skin, oil or oil-balm type cleanser like 01 shu uemura Ultim8 Cleansing Oil is recommended. A foam-type cleanser such as 02 G.I.B Oxygen Bubble Foam is good for sensitive and troubled skin. Moreover, light water or gel-type cleanser such as 03 Bioderma H2O BIODERMA Sensibio H2Ois excellent for oily skin.

Finishing Step

Finishing your facial massage within one minute is highly recommended since doing a massage for a long time can cause skin troubles, letting germs and dead skin cells absorbed into your skin.

Also, you should avoid washing your face several times until you hear the crisp sound just because you don’t like its slippery feeling. It damages your skin by peeling the acidic layer off and destroys the pH balance.

Also, apply your first skin care product when your skin is still moist so that you can retain moisture on your face and have a clean and bright skin. (Photo by: G.I.B., Biotherm, shu uemura, Laneige, Bioderma, bntnews DB)