Project band X1 to debut next month


The winners of the cable channel Mnet’s idol competition show “Produce 101” will be debuting as an 11-member project band next month.

The 11 members will debut as “X1” and begin their five-year career together as a group. The members are the top contestants of the 4th season of the idol competition show and will make their first official public appearance at a music showcase on August 27. 

Here is the list of the members and their ranking.

1. Kim Yo-han (OUI Entertainment)
2. Kim Woo-seok (TOP Media)
3. Han Seung-woo (Plan A Entertainment)
4. Song Hyeong-jun (Starship Entertainment)
5. Cho Seung-youn (Yuehwa Entertainment)
6. Son Dong-pyo (DSP Media)
7. Lee Han-gyul (MBK Entertainment)
8. Nam Do-hyun (MBK Entertainment)
9. Cha Jun-ho (Woollim Entertainment)
10. Kang Min-hee (Starship Entertainment)
11. Lee Eun-sang (Brand New Music)

(Image Source: Mnet)