‘Preservative Beauty’ Jang Nara-Koo Hye Sun-Lee Jung Hyun, Copying the Young-looking Celebrities’ Makeup


[by Song Eun Ji] Celebrities who show off their ‘preservative beauty’ such as Jang Nara, Koo Hye Sun, Ha Yeon Soo, Lee Jung Hyun, and Kang Susie are hot issues right now.

‘Preservative beauty’ refers to staying young and beautiful even as time goes by, as if you ate preservatives. As the baby-face trend continues, many women are hoping to look younger, even if it’s just one year.

If you want to look younger in 2016, we recommend changing your makeup style. We will introduce celebrities’ young-looking makeup tips that you can easily try at home.

‘Unique Similarity’ in Baby-faced Celebrities’ Makeup?

Baby-faced celebrities look girly even as time goes by. If you want to look as young as them, pay attention to their makeup. You will be able to discover a few similarities. One is that they wear natural young-looking makeup.

Celebrities show off firm, bright, flawless and glowing skin. Use an eyeliner to clearly define your eyes and natural glossy lip makeup to add liveliness to your lips.

Copying Celebrities’ ‘Baby Face Makeup’

STEP 1 Flawless and Glowing Skin for a Beaming Impression

Clear and bright skin is the key to young and beautiful appearance. For a firm and healthy skin, try firming and moisturizing care every day. We recommend applying a thin layer of an all-in-one cream before makeup, since it can make your complex skin care convenient.

For a flawless and glowing skin expression, the most important areas are ‘eyes.’ Dark circles under your eyes will make you look gloomy and old. We suggest using a concealer to cover dark areas around your eyes and other dark spots.

The last step to baby face makeup is making your face appear small and slim. To add volume to your face, use shading products and a highlighter. If you want a natural look, we recommend using a multi-shading highlighter that is composed of three colors instead of one.

STEP 2 Eye Makeup that Will Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Round and defined eyes are a must to a young-looking face. Use a brush-pen type eyeliner to fill in the eyelids. A brush-pen eyeliner with a soft high-tension brush for easy control will enable even beginners to draw a perfect eye line.

Draw an eye line as thinly as possible as your fill in the eyelids and finish the tip of your eyes with a short and light touch. If you want to look soft, draw the tip of your eyes downwards and if you want to look chic, draw the tip of your eyes upwards.

STEP 3 Adding Liveliness with a Moist and Glowing Lip Makeup

Naturally add liveliness to your lips with soft colors like pink and coral if you want to look young. We recommend applying a clear lip gloss or a moist glossy tint after using a lip tint to prevent your lips from looking too matte.

For a natural look, create a gradation effect by applying a tint from inward. If you use a foundation or a concealer on your lips before you apply lip products, you will get more vibrant colors.

‘Must-Have Items’ for a Baby-face Makeup by Too Cool for School

01 Egg Mellow Cream
This is a 5in1 all-in-one cream that contains three main ingredients that are essential for skin. It will provide complex care that includes moisturizing, firming, and lifting. It also contains melting strings that are made of 98% purity collagen and therefore has a very stretchy texture. As you apply the product and pat it on your face, collagen will get absorbed into your skin. It will naturally lift and moisturize your skin and you will be able to have a smooth and elastic skin just like an egg.

02 ART CLASS The Camouflage, SPF30/PA++
This reflecting plate concealer naturally covers skin imperfections and creates an even and bright skin tone. The soft applicator shaped like lotus root does not irritate the sensitive eye areas. It also helps the concealer stick tightly to the skin even when correcting and reapplying makeup.

03 ART CLASS BY RODIN Highlighter
This multi-colored highlighter has three nude-toned colors with pearls that are similar to our skin tone. You can create various looks by blending the colors differently. The fine shimmering powders that stick to skin tightly will create a young and bright face.

This is a multi-shading product that is comprised of three colors, which can be used for skin tone, nose, and hairline. This item helps to do natural contouring makeup with its highly transparent and smooth powders that stick tightly to skin.

This is a brush-pen type eyeliner that enables clear and vivid eye makeup with just one touch. Its long-lasting fixing polymer reaction makes it dry fast and last long. Even a beginner will be able to easily control its soft high-tension brush and create various eye line styles.

This is a 3rd generation lip tint that is made of 30% water and 70% oil, which makes it vivid, long-lasting, and moist. It combines the advantages of a lip gloss, lip stick and a tint, enabling a glossy and vibrant lip makeup. (photo by Too Cool for School, bntnews DB)

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