Pore Care — The Answer to The Elastic Skin of Nana, Honey Lee and Lee Sung Kyung


[by Hwang Ji Hye/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] What can you do to become a healthy beauty like Nana, Honey Lee and Lee Sung Kyung who have a model-like slim body and a beautiful appearance? Bright and translucent skin that creates a healthy image is the priority.

If you want to flaunt an elastic skin like them, pore care is the answer. Pay attention to this article to get fine pores and elastic skin. Pore care tips to help you get celebrity-like healthy skin will be introduced.

STEP1. Exfoliation

Blood circulation slows down due to the dry environment in winter and as a result, it decreases metabolism and skin regeneration. If skin regeneration that involves the skin cycle of eliminating old skin cells and producing new cells does not work properly, the skin becomes dry easily and skin aging occurs more quickly.

Accumulated dead skin cells prevents the absorption of skincare products and leads to skin problems. Therefore, it is recommended to do exfoliation once to twice a week. Use a steamed towel to open your pores and then use exfoliators such as a scrub and a peeling gel to gently exfoliate your skin without irritating it.

STEP2. Deep Cleansing For Pores

The use of heaters in winter causes active secretion of sebum inside pores. Skin wastes such as blackheads accumulate in the skin easily, increasing the occurrence of inflammation and pimples.

If you want to have celebrity-like poreless skin, do deep cleansing to eliminate all residues and wastes inside your skin thoroughly. For sensitive pores, use a gentle cleanser to softly massage your face.

STEP3. Regular Skincare

Many people who are concerned about their pores have an unbalanced water-oil content of their skin. Irregular skincare routine affects the balance of water and oil content of the skin, causing excessive sebum secretion and other skin problems. Therefore, do skincare every morning and evening regularly to balance out water-oil content.

Applying a number of skincare products can give burden to your skin and so, try using functional products to give light yet perfect care to your skin. In particular, herbal skincare products are effective functional ones as they can be absorbed into the skin quickly by delivering nutrients deep into the skin.

EDITOR’S CHOICE From Herbal Ingredients to Calendula, Items for Fine Pores

This is an exfoliator for translucent and smooth skin. It contains exfoliating substances such as pearl and lava powder to gently exfoliate the skin, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin. It manages your pores and improves skin texture evenly for bright complexion.

02. Kiehl’s, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam Face Wash
Calendula Deep Cleansing Foam Face Wash deep cleanses your pores with rich foam that is made of flower petals. Skin is revitalized and moisturized without leaving a tight feeling after cleansing to give you a calm and healthy skin. It is a gently formulated cleanser that is safe for sensitive skin.

The products of Hansaeng Cosmetics Rin Bi-gyeol Soo line are recognized items for its whitening and wrinkle reduction functions. It contains 6-year-old fermented ginseng extracts, herbal flower complex Danhwayeon and peony extracts to help you get a moisturized and revitalized skin. (photo by Hansaeng Cosmetics RIN, DARPHIN, KIEHL’S, bntnews DB)

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