Popular guy actor Lee Won-keun captures women’s hearts in his latest photo shoot



Lee Won-keun

A preview of a photo shoot featuring Lee Won-keun has been released. Lee Won-keun radiates mystery and fantasy, in his newest photo shoot for fashion magazine Nylon, which was announced this morning. In the photos, Lee Won-keun looks like he did in his now finished role in Sassy, Go Go where he played a 17-year-old (18 Korean age) prankster high school student. His deep, dreamy eyes are also fierce making girls’ hearts flutter.

The theme behind this Nylon photo shoot was to show Lee Won-keun’s free and comfortable side. The cute and colorful actor Lee Won-keun’s photo shoot has still not bee fully released.

In 2015 Lee Won-keun was as busy as anyone, with his SBS drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me, the movie Female Teacher, and the KBS2 TV drama Sassy, Go Go. This star is sure to not only receive attention domestically in 2016, but also be very popular in the Chinese market. With his momentous charm, Lee Won-keun is sure to be a cool guy who captures mass appeal both domestically and abroad. You can read Lee Won-keun’s candid interview and see his full photo spread, in the January issue of Nylon.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Nylon

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