Photos of Kim Woo-bin and Kim So-hyun shooting an ad together


Photos of Kim Woo-bin and Kim So-hyun happily working on the shooting of an advertisement together, has been released.

Today (November 26th) via their official twitter account sidusHQ said “The two got along extremely well. We are releasing some photos of the (Domino’s) advertising shoot which will make fans’ hearts race!” attaching the aforementioned photos to the tweet.

In the released photos Kim Woo-bin and Kim So-hyun can be see advertising the latest product. The site of the two stars by itself is enough to capture the attention of passersby. Kim Woo-bin was wearing a red turtleneck and blue jeans, showing off the clean boyfriend look. Kim So-hyun was wearing a white angora sweater and had wavy hair giving her a mature look.
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The two look intensely at the monitor

Kim Woo-bin and Kim So-hyun sit together on a couch acting completely natural. The two match perfectly and have a harmonious look about them. After shooting then stood side-by-side looking at the shots, sharing the same feelings. The beautiful couple was very eye catching.

This advertisement makes fans’ hearts race, when they see the two getting along. Kim Woo-bin will soon be appearing in the 2016 drama Uncontrollably Fond, as the super star Shin Jun-young. Kim So-hyun is on the KBS drama Page Turner and the movie Princess Deokhye, showing up on both the big and small screens.


The calm and cool, stealer of ladies’ hearts, Kim Woo-bin

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Kim So-hyun, who is busy shooting both a movie and a drama now

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by sidusHQ

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