Perfect Lip Makeup by the Emerging Cosmetic Leader ‘Vely Vely’


[by Jung Ah Young/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of people who think that lip makeup is not easy. Many of them find their lip makeup, no matter how hard they do it, gets wiped off easily and the color is not as saturated as they have expected.

Recently, there is a new cosmetics brand that has gained huge popularity online. It is ‘Vely Vely’ launched by Imvely, a popular women’s clothing shopping mall.

Receiving lots of makeup related enquiries daily, Imvely incorporated her own know-hows into lip products that she released of which sales myths have been made. Lip makeup tips that can be practiced by beginners effortlessly using the products of Vely Vely will be introduced.

Lip Care & Enhancing Lip Color

The most fundamental thing for lip makeup is to cleanse and moisturize your lips. You need to keep your lips healthy to complete nice lip makeup.

It is not difficult to exfoliate your lips. Before sleeping and makeup, apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream on the lips and use a cotton swab to wipe it off lightly. You can also use Vaseline instead of moisturizing creams.

The next step is to enhance lip colors. Covering the original color of your lips can enhance the color of the lipstick for a long-lasting saturated finish. Use Vely Vely Magic Wand Lip & Eye Hybrid Concealer for hydrated and smooth lips.

Genuine Lip Makeup

Slightly covering your original lip color before doing your lip makeup can help get long-lasting satisfactory lip color.

Vely Vely Sliding Butter Crayon Lipsticks are available in six colors suitable for daily use. You can have them for different events to help you flaunt a pure or lively image. It has a crayon-like package and can be applied easily allowing beginners to complete their lip makeup anywhere, everywhere.

Using its built-in cushion tip can complete natural gradation effect, making it a great product for those who have difficulties in doing lip makeup.

2 colors for Splendid Finish

Although putting on a vivacious color on moisturized healthy lips can already complete satisfactory lip makeup, it makes no difference compared to others’ makeup and cannot flaunt your own characteristics.

Try mixing two colors to do your lip makeup. Using special and splendid colors to grab people’s attention.

You can use both a lipstick and a lip crayon at once or the same type of products in different shades to present natural deep gradation effect. Apply the deeper shade one on your inner side to do gradation. (photo by Vely Vely)