‘Perfect’ JAEBOK, “You’re a PSYCHOPATH!”, and bam! [Ms. Perfect]


Jaebok is getting closer to realizing that Eunhee‘s up against something even bigger than she originally imagined.

When Jaebok tries to open the door on the third floor, Eunhee throws herself in front of it. She refuses to open it. As Eunhee is driven into a corner, her mother opens it, instead. But, there is nothing strange about the room.

Meanwhile, Bonggoo finds out that Nami intentionally hooked on Junghee for money. He and Jaebok come to a conclusion that all these happenings must be related with Eunhee.

No matter what, Eunhee continues to focus on her high school idol. She’s already crossed the line too many times. Today, she even attends Jaebok‘s son’s open house as a mother. As Jaebok finds about this, she warns her, “Are you out of your mind? This is inexcusable!” 

Eunhee doesn’t stop, though. Jaebok wants to be done with her. She shouts at her, “You cannot love Junghee because you are a psychopath!”

Now that she knows what she’s fighting for, will Jaebok save her family from Eunhee?

[Ms. Perfect]

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