‘Perfect’ Jaebok finally knows the truth! And, Yuri steals the scene! [Ms. Perfect]


Today, Jaebok goes back to Eunhee‘s house to blow her cover in front of other people. In the meantime, actress Lee Yuri makes a cameo today.

In public, after recalling her mother spanking Brian and herself, she suddenly becomes so violent that she ends up fainting away.

When she wakes up, she tells Jaebok for the first time about her childhood. Now, Jaebok knows why she’s been calling her own mother like that. She also understands that her mental illness stems from childhood trauma.

That’s not the only thing that she finds out about Eunhee today. She also discovers her real name. Going back to their high school years, Jaebok once rescued Eunhee from bullies. Since then, she became so obsessed with her.

Could Jaebok talk Eunhee through it? Is Yuri really the one Jaebok‘s been looking for anyway? Let’s find out today!

[Ms. Perfect]

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