‘Perfect’ CHO YEOJEONG as a woman with 2 distinct characters! [Ms. Perfect]


Eunhee plays a considerable part in ‘Ms. Perfect’.

She has a lot of facets of her personality. To get what she wants, she makes up some horrifying lies. In front of Junghee, she smiles like an angel, but she becomes a little psycho from time to time.

Actress Cho Yeojeong perfectly captures two distinct personalities in ‘Ms. Perfect’. When her brilliant acting meets this mysterious character, the story in general becomes much more interesting. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.

She’s not done yet! She has more surprises in tonight’s episode in store for us to go way beyond anything we’ve seen so far. Don’t miss out on ‘Ms. Perfect’ tonight with Cho Yeojeong playing a multi-personality role!

[Ms. Perfect]

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