Per tvN, There Is No End To Fun


[by Ent Team] The new slogan and campaign of channel tvN is out.

tvN reached its 10th anniversary in 2016. Ten years of fun and relevant contents, of trustworthy broadcast, the channel is back with a new slogan, ‘There is no end to fun.’

The new campaign video stars actor Lee Jehoon, currently a time-traveler in ‘Tomorrow With You’, actress Yoo Inna, the adorable protagonist of the successful ‘Goblin’ as well as gagman Kwon Hyuksoo, the icon of infinite transformation from SNL Korea.

The themes to their individual clips is ‘There is no end to fun.’ A good way for tVN to remind us that there are all kinds of entertainment and that it’s always a good idea to have fun.

This year is going to be a new start for the TV station with the launch of many new variety shows and drama series.