Park Seojun, “Am I dating Kim Jiwon? NO.” [Fight for My Way


In a recent interview, Park Seojun talked about what he thinks of Kim Jiwon, who was his partner in ‘Fight for My Way.’

To the rumors that they’re dating, he said no, with a smile. He said, “I didn’t know her before ‘Fight for My Way.‘ I enjoyed watching ‘Descendents of the Sun.’ In that drama, Jiwon is a girl-crush character. I can’t forget the scene where she kissed [Jin Goo] in the army dining hall. When I saw it, I thought, ‘Wow! A modern woman! She is a fine woman!'”

“We met before we decided on the drama since we’d have work alongside each other. But she was worrying too much because it was her first leading role. She was full of worries. But all those worries… were gone as we were shooting.”

“As we were shooting, we had many conversations about Aera as well as Dongman. Besides the romance, each character’s development was just as important. She had to shoot a lot of scenes overnight. She did it so well, and I was impressed.”

“Personally, I liked working with her a lot. I would like to meet her again in another work. Maybe a few years later I wish we could do another work together.”

“The rumors of us dating arose probably because ‘Dongman(Aera), I love you’ was written on our scripts. It’s my habit to exchange words every time I finish a work. It’s like a rolling paper to me.”