Park Myung Soo Dresses Like a Wonder Woman in MBC’s Pilot Program ‘In Star Wars’


[by Woorim Ahn] Park Myung Soo became a wonder woman in MBC ‘In Star Wars’.

During filming the episode, the show invited popular celebrities having many followers on SNS and they disclosed their own contents and tips to choose the best one out of the casts.

MC Park Myung Soo changed to a wonder woman and said, “I haven’t dressed like a woman for last two years after ‘Infinite Challenge. I’m old enough not to do this and I never knew I would do this at here” and became shy.

He added, “Years ago, I looked fine even I changed to a woman, but now it’s pretty hard. But, since I’m doing it, let’s make it perfect” and told the staff to put fake eyelashes on his eyes to reveal his side as a comedian. At the same time, MC Kim Sung Joo became a superman and he got satisfied with his look.

The staff of the show said, “MCs Kim Sung Joo and Park Myung Soo became a superman and a wonder woman, respectively to reveal their affection for the program: and delivered that they made the studio full of laughter as they appealed their chemistry.

Meanwhile, ‘In Star Wars’ will air during Korean New Year’s. (photo by MBC)