Park Hyung Sik sends snack truck to ‘The Miracle We Met’ for Kim Hyun Ju!


On April 4, YNK Entertainment revealed photos of actress Kim Hyun Ju at the set of ‘The Miracle We Met’.

In the photos, Kim Hyun Ju is smiling in front of the snack truck sent by actor Park Hyung Sik. The banner reads, “Hyung Sik over Hyeoncheol.” Hyeoncheol is the name of Kim Hyun Ju‘s husband (Kim Myung Min) in the drama.

Park Hyung Sik and Kim Hyun Ju co-starred in ”What Happens to My Family?‘ as brother and sister in 2014, and they are still good friends.

Kim Hyun Ju plays Seon Hyejin in ‘The Miracle We Met,’ which premiered on KBS World on April 3. Don’t miss episode 2 tonight!

[The Miracle We Met]

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