Park Hyung Sik-Lee Hyun Woo, Glowing Skin Making Women’s Hearts Flutter


[by Lim Miae] In April when the cherry blossoms are flowing in air, actors making our hearts flutter with their sweet lines and fresh smiles are hot topics.

The first protagonist is Park Hyung Sik, who plays the role of An Min Hyun on JTBC’s ‘Strong Women Do Bong-soon’. He boasted a perfect chemistry with Park Bo Young with his deep eyes and mischievous words. His suit fashion, which was mainly introduced in the drama, made him more charming.

Park Hyung Sik’s simple yet stylish casual fashion as become the ‘wannabe boyfriend look’ for many women. One of the reason he was able to look his best in various fashion is because he has the ‘honey skin’ to pull off any style.

Lee Hyun Woo, who portrayed a genius pianist on tvN’s ‘The Liar and His Lover’, also boasts various fashion styles with his smooth skin as the base. We will share how to manage male skin, which is thicker and prone to trouble with more sebum compare to women, soft like the pearls.

Honey skin of actors who surpass the actress

The most important part of male skin care is trouble management.

In men, the male hormones develop sebaceous glands and are generally oilier than women. If there is a lot of sebum, the skin looks oily and the pores become enlarged to make it easier for the fine dusts to penetrate into the skin. At this time, microbes are formed in the enlarged pores, causing skin troubles such as acne and inflammation.

Trouble management is most effective when controlled to male hormones. It is a good idea to avoid oily base products and start oily cleansing with an oil-containing cleansing product. The most oil-rich items are women’s cosmetics targeted to 40s and 50s age range. Since this consumer range needs urgent wrinkle care, they mainly uses oily products that softly cover the skin from inside to outside.

The cleansing should be done with care, as if you are removing makeup. First, wipe the primary skin oil with cleansing oil, then wash away the fine dust in the pores with a secondary cleanser to make perfect honey skin.

Exhausted skin from shaving, care without damage TIP

Basically, to minimize skin irritation when shaving, take special care of the razor blades.

In case of wet shaving, be careful not to rust the blade which directly contacts the skin and remove the excess water after use. The blade should be replaced after 15 days, and it is easier to shave the beard when it is wet rather than dry, so it is better to use generous amount of shaving foam.

Dry shaving must be done before cleansing. When the water touches the skin, the hair follicles gets swollen and make it difficult to come into contact with the shaving nets. You won’t be achieve smooth skin like the wet shave, but make sure not to rub your skin too hard since it will lead to skin damage.

Charming ‘honey skin’ item!

Innisfree ‘Forest for men Fresh All-In-One Essence’ is a multi-functional item that provides three functions of skin, lotion and essence at once. It calms the rough skin from repeated shaving and create a transparent film that protects against external harmful substances.

Biotherm Homme ‘Carbonated Water Lotion’ contains the sparkling gel texture, that burst refreshingly and turns in to water like liquid as soon as it touch the skin and absorbed instantly. It is used in the first step of skin care after cleansing, and it lasts for long time with overwhelming moisture.

The lab series ‘PRO LS Hydrating Gel’ contains oil-absorbing powders that make the skin feel smooth and smooth. It gives a refreshing finish and helps to soothe skin and retain moisture for a long time.

Goodal ‘Phyto Breeze for Men Line 2 items’ consists of toner and lotion. Pine needles and young wormwood act effectively to moisturize and soothe the skin and make men’s skin sensitive from smoking, drinking and shaving into healthy and hydrated skin.

Primera ‘Man Watery Cream’ is gentle and calming for men’s skin with stickiness and shine. It has excellent absorption ability and it is effective to strengthen skin barrier because it contains abundant nutrients such as chimeric mushroom extract and marroni seed ingredient. (photo by bntnews DB, tvN ‘The Liar and His Lover’, JTBC ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ websites, Innisfree, Biotherm Homme, Lab Series, Goodall, Primera)