Park Hyo Shin Is Back by Sweeping Music Charts


[by Woorim Ahn] Park Hyo Shin is back.

On September 29 at midnight, he released a new song entitled ‘Breathe’ of his seventh official album ‘I am a Dreamer’.

‘Breathe’ is a ballad highlighting beautiful piano melody and magnificent string sounds. Park Hyo Shin wrote the melodies and lyrics of the song as well as produced it and Jung Jae Il and Kim Yi Na helped along that previously worked with ‘Wild Flower’ together.

Moreover, popular worldwide mixing engineer Michael Brauer that worked on Coldplay, John Meyer and others’ albums participated in Park Hyo Shin’s album mixing to raise the songs’ qualities.

‘Breathe’ is about that little dream and wish comfort people’s heart exhausted from daily lives and they become the motivation of people’s lives. It contained a hopeful and comforting message to cheer up for those that forget their dreams in this society.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Shin will release his official album ‘I am a Dreamer’ on October 3. (photo by Glove Entertainment)