Pants Styling of Female Stars


[by Kim Min Soo] Recently, pants styling of female stars has emerged as a hot topic, and is being utilized in spring styling. Especially, this S/S season, instead of one piece dresses with patterns and bright colors, denim jeans and wide slacks are in to boast a stylish charm.

When you think of a warm spring, you might think of a colorful floral dresses. But as more people seek unique personality from others, the use of pants has become more diverse. So, which stars did present attractive pants stylings?

We took a closer look to Kim Min Jung, who is one step ahead of introducing trendy style and Jessica and Baek Jin Hee, who appeared in the airport to capture the eyes of the fans.

# Kim Min Jung, the graceful charm of wide pants

Kim Min Jung, who appeared in JTBC drama ‘Man to Man’ production conference, boasted a beautiful magnetism with a grace and warm smile.

She presented the elegance of an actress in all white, and boasted her fair skin with a sleeveless blouse and her feminine charm with wide pants with details. Especially, she added fashion point with sophisticated hair style and accessories to finish her look.

[Editor Pick] Wide pants are one of the items loved by women until the summer season. The wide pants, which have recently been popular due to warm weather, added points with the stripe detail, which is perfect for a picnic or beach look.

#Jessica, Fashionable white skinny pants

Jessica is the leading fashionista, who is known for her fashion sense. She has been active in her career as the CEO and singer and she left an impression as a fashion icon at a brand event photo wall.

She boasted her impressive fashion sense with a white innerwear and a jacket with distinctive prints, and showed off her legs with a white skinny pants. In addition, her flawless styling received a shower of camera flashes.

[Editor Pick] The best item at this time is skinny pants. It is a perfect item to make use when you don’t want to wear a dress or a skirt nor a pants with awkward fit. If you want to complete a fresh coordination, we recommend a oversize shirt or bright jacket.

# Baek Jin Hee, Airport fashion with stylish denim jeans

On the other hand, actress Baek Jin Hee, who appeared at the airport to attend her overseas schedule, used a boots cut denim jeans to emanate a comfortable and stylish charm. She also applied the basic formula of white tee to jeans and finished the airport fashion with an over-fit beige jacket.

[Editor Pick] Is there any pants that are as familiar as denim jeans? Straight denim jeans are expected to become popular this season among various pants styles because it help to make your legs look long and thin. In addition, it can be used in a stylish way, and is more practical than anything else. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)