P-Type to Release a Single on July 4


[by Woorim Ahn] Rapper P-Type will release a new single.

This time, Gummy participated in his album. Their relationship is special: they used to belong to the same agency and they supported each other as P-Type participated in featuring for Gummy’s mini album.

Particularly, the mass public is paying attention to the two artists’ musical synergy as they are No.1s in their each area.

Brand New Music said, “P-Type will release a new single that Gummy was featured in on July 4. Despite of his schedules, he prepared for the single diligently. P-Type’s easy-going flow and Gummy’s alluring voice harmonized well, so please anticipate for it.”

Meanwhile, P-Type’s new single will be available on July 4. (photo by Brand New Music, CJeS Entertainment)

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