Oh Yeon Seo♥Kim Beom confirmed to be dating


On March 29, agencies of both actors stated, “They met at a gathering after ‘A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)’ ended in early March and began dating. Since they have just begun dating, they are getting to know each other.”

Oh Yeon Seo was born in 1987, and Kim Beom was born in 1989, making Oh Yeon Seo 2 years older than Kim Beom.

Meanwhile, Oh Yeon Seo debuted in 2002 as a member of girl group Luv. She recently starred in drama ‘A Korean Odyssey,’ and her film ‘Cheese In the Trap’ was also released in the theatres. Kim Beom starred in movie ‘Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead,’ which was released last month.